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The Hollow Earth Theory in Modern Times and Legends

Underground Caves, Tunnels and Passages

Subterranean Passages an the Hollow Earth Theory: Passages, Tunnels, Inner Earth, Aghartha, Shamballa, Deros, Teros, Shaver Mystery, Vril, Bulwer Lytton, The Coming Race, Alanteans, Secret Passages, Incas, Subterranean Tunnels Inside the Earth, Timothy Beckley, John J Robinson, Dalai Lama, Tibetans, Nazi Expeditions, Antartic Holes, Shaver Mystery, Lord of the World, Himalayas, city of shamballah, agharta land of advanced races, admiral byrd 1947, dero caves, stolen saucers, flying saucers, tunnel entrances to inner earth, max fyfield

Excerpt from Timothy Beckley's Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth

John J Robinson Reports on Underground Entrances

The Liyobaa Cave Entrances - The Tunnels of South America - The Maltese Cave Entrance

Exclusive Interview With Timothy Beckley

Cosmic Conflict and The Da' ath Wars by Branton

The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Vril-Ya


The Writings of Michael Mott

Hidden Neighbors
The Genetic Victimization of the Surface World

Echoes of the World Cauldron
Legendary, Mythic, and Religious Beliefs in Lands Beneath the Earth

The Deep Dwellers
Subsurface Inhabitants in Folklore, Myth and Literature

Vedic Hollow Earth

Online Books

Mysteries of the Inner Earth by David Pratt

The Hollow Earth by Dr. Raymond Bernard

The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson

Vril, The Power of the Coming Race, by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton