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Miscellaneous Conspiracy Files

Masters of the Blinding Light
by Hannah Newman

The United Nations A Most Sophisticated Coven
by Reverend Wayne C. Sedlak

Microwave Harassement and Mind-Control Experimentation
by Julianne McKinney

Prison Mind Control Torture
David Fratus' Plea For Justice

Identification of the Shadow Government
by Richard Boyland

The History and Development of Secret Societies in The Western Tradition
by Frater Choronzon (yep, he's one of 'em)

Factnet Report: L. Ron Hubbard and the Occult
by John Atack

Ron Hubbard Jr. Spills the Beans on Scientology and Daddy Dearest
The Full 1982 Penthouse Interview

Satanic Subversion of The U.S. Military
by Jeffrey Steinberg

Conspirators Hierarchy
The Story of The Committee of 300

by Dr. John Coleman (full length book 500k txt)

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