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All Seeing Eye The Great Seal of Masonry

Illuminati Symbol of New World Order
Symbol of the "Great Plan" of the Illuminati

The Eye in The Triangle & the Power of Symbols

If you
 live in the United States, then from the time you first
 become conscious of money, the Great Seal becomes a part
 of your psyche. Moreover, since U.S. dollars are the standard
 trading currency worldwide, this great seal of the "Great
 Plan", infiltrates the minds of men--both free and bond-
-un-checked. A sign to occultists and a mantra of the "Elite".

In Freemasonry it is called "The All Seeing Eye of God" or the "Eye of Horus", a symbol of "The Great Architect of the Universe." Here, I gather some symbols that you might not have noticed, or rather, not payed very much attention too. The focus is on the All Seeing Eye and various permutations thereof. The Triangle, especially in connection with the new age, and generally things you might have missed. Indeed the "All Seeing Eye" is watching you.