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October 2, 2001 Headlines

George W. Taliban Bush: Alqaeda Accounts Frozen

"Thus far, we've frozen $6 million in bank accounts linked to terrorrist activity," Dubya said. "We've frozen 30 al qaeda accounts in the United States and 20 overseas. And we're just beginning."

*** Sure you are George! How stupid do you think we are: THE GW BUSH--OSAMA BIN LADEN CONNECTION

Saboteurs Cripple Nigerian (Shell) Oil Plant

Armed youths who seized control of an oil station in southern Nigeria caused a huge explosion that could halt production for up to 18 months.

*** Read more on the Standard Oil worldwide cartel
And Here: Big Oil and Terrorists, by Sherman Skolnick

A Vision For A New World Order

Tony Blair yesterday set out his vision for a new era of global co-operation in an electrifying speech to the Labour party.

Israeli Arabs Equate Bush With Hitler

"Bush and Hitler are the same thing. You can write what I'm telling you, but don't mention my name..."

The Dismantling Of America: The Phoney War In Afghanistan

the bottom line...
As pointed out in the book "Black Gold Hot Gold" the oil expected to flow from vast oil fields under the Russian Caspian Sea...contains about 500 years worth of oil. --Afghanistan just happens to be one of only two routes for a pipeline!--

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