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The Bent Cross

Please notice the Crucifix that Pope John Paul II is holding up to the people, at left. Study it closely, and you will realize that it is not a Traditional Crucifix. Rather, this Crucifix is known as a "Bent Cross". But, what does that mean? For the answer to that question, let us turn to a Roman Catholic author, Piers Compton, writing in his book, "The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In the Vatican", Channel Islands, Neville Spearman, 1981.

This Bent Crucifix is "... a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term 'Mark of the Beast'. Yet, not only Paul VI, but his successors, the two John-Pauls, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it stood for anti-Christ." (p. 72) On page 56 Compton prints a picture of the current Pope, John Paul II, holding this bent or broken cross, just as shown above.

The Inverted Cross

Surely everyone by now has heard of the inverted cross representing satanism. Recent pictures of the pope's visit to the Holy Land and elsewhere have turned up some some damning evidence.

' The inverted cross is a blaspheme or mockery of the christian cross.' Quote:'The Texas Cop Occult Dictionary'

Professor J.S. Malan..' The inverted cross is not broken, but turned upside down. It indicates the rejection of Jesus Christ and contempt for the gospel of salvation. Inverted symbols are typical of the opposite values pursued by satanists. People who are sometimes sacrificed to Satan on Black Sabbath are crucified upside down in accordance with this tradition.

The esoteric library says:'The inverted pentagram is generally a symbol of evil, in much the same way that the inverted cross is.. '

Illuminati Infiltration?

In his book The Broken Cross, Piers Compton, has traced the alleged infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church by the Illuminati. He says the symbol of the eye in the triangle has been used by leading Catholics. It has been used by the Jesuits, it has appeared as the seal of the Philadelphia Eucharist Congress in 1976 and featured on a special issue of Vatican stamps in 1978. Compton further claims that Pope John XXIII, who died in June 1963, used the symbol on his personal cross.

According to Compton, Pope John (formerly Bishop Angelo Roncalli) was an initiate of a secret society. Roncalli was consecrated as a bishop in 1935 and entered the Vatican Diplomatic Service as the Apostolic Visitor of the Holy See in Sofia, Turkey. It was while he was in Turkey that Roncalli allegedly became a member of a secret society which used the symbol of the rose and the cross. During the papacy of John from 1958 to 1963 the first major reforms since the Middle Ages. In the eyes of traditionalists it was a programme of radical change dictated by Grand Masters of the secret societies to their papal puppet.

Compton claims that several hundred leading Catholic clerics are members of secret societies. He quotes an article in an Italian journal in 1976 which lists over seventy-five Vatican officials who are secret society members.

In his expose of the secret societies and their alleged infiltration of the Vatican, Compton singles out the nineteenth-century Cardinal Mariano Rompalla (1843-1913) as one of the key agents inside the Church. Rising to the position of Secretary of State in the papacy of Leo XII, when the Pope died in 1903 Rompalla emerged as the leading candidate to follow him. He only failed because the Cardinal of Cracow, acting on behalf of Emperor Josef von Habsburg, exercised a veto. As the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire until 1806 the Habsburgs had retained the right to veto any papal candidate they regarded as unfit to hold office.

Considering the Austrian Emperor's dislike of secret societies and their dabbling in European politics, his action is significant. It is said that after Cardinal Rompalla's death documents were found among his papers which linked him with both the O.T.O ad Aleister Crowley. Unfortunately the incumbent Pope was so horrified by their contents that he ordered them burnt. We might never know what they contained.

Further evidence, of recent, concerns the Pope John Paul II participation at the celebrations in honour of St. Francis of Assissi in 1986. Stressing the unity of all the world's religions, the Pope participated in a multi-religious prayer for world peace. The pontiff happily shared a platform with a Tibetan lama, a Hindu swami, a Native American shaman, a Jewish rabbi and a Maori high priest. The unity of all the world's religions and the recognition that they all derived from the same ancient source is the central philosophy of the secret societies.

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